Gas Line Installation, Service Thornton, Denver

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gas line installation Thornton DenverBlue Mountian Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides gas line installation and repairs for homeowners and businesses throughout the metro Denver area.


Gas Service to Appliances

Gas service lines to gas appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, ranges, dryers, and fireplaces all have two things in common. A shut-off valve, and a union or gas flexes line. These are in the line so the appliance can be removed and replaced with out disrupting gas service to the rest of the house. When any of these parts leak it is always best to replace them.


Gas Service to Fireplace

When you smell gas leaking into your fireplace all of the time, or only when the valve is turned on, it is usually because the valve is not working properly. The valve must be repaired or replaced. If the valve has to be replaced, removal of bricks, paneling, or siding will be necessary.


Gas Line - Dryer Installation

Hooking up a gas dryer should always be done by a plumbing professional. Our technician will install your gas dryer in accordance with city codes. This includes an AGA approved gas valve and gas flex line. We will install metal flex vent ducting to prevent fire.