Furnace Repair in Thornton, CO


Furnace Repair in Thornton, CO

Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offers furnace repair and services in Thornton, CO and the Denver surrounding area. We employ factory-trained technicians that are highly skilled in furnace repair and maintenance for a wide range of heating systems and manufacturers. We're equipped to handle any service or repair job you may need for your HVAC unit.

Furnace Repair

At Blue Mountain Plumbing, we offer professional heating repairs for both residential and commercial residences. Our well-trained technicians are equipped to handle repairs of all kinds on various types of heating systems. No matter what issues your unit is having, we're able to evaluate every part of the system, to the smallest detail. We'll pinpoint where the culprit is, and then we'll provide our recommendations, so you can decide what repair you want us to perform.

Furnace and Heating Systems Maintenance

Along with furnace repair, we also strive to provide the best HVAC service that you can get for your heating system in the Denver area. Your appliance is an investment that you count on to provide the heat you and your family needs throughout the bitter cold Colorado winters, so you want your heating system to last for a long time and run as efficiently as possible. Our years of experience enable us to provide the exact maintenance tasks your heating appliance needs to stay running as smoothly and efficiently as the day you bought it. Our maintenance services include:

Here are some ways we can help maintain your heating unit:


Inspect and replace filters: Ineffective or improperly installed filters can lead to more costly repairs and higher energy bills down the road. We can inspect your furnace filters and replace those that are no longer effective for your heating system.

Carbon Monoxide testing: Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous to your health. An ineffective heating system can cause this harmful gas to leak into your home when you don't expect it. We will test your gas unit thoroughly so that you can be absolutely sure that it is venting properly.

Installation of programmable thermostats: One of the best ways to keep energy costs down is to have control of your heating system during the winter. We can install a programmable thermostat in your home, so you can control the home's temperature the way you want it during the times that you need it.

Create an Efficient Heating System

Not all heating systems are as effective as they could be. You'd be surprised how many times we hear from our customers that they're heating bills have gone up for no apparent reason. Upon inspection, we can find many simple or inexpensive tweaks that could be done to improve the efficiency of your unit and save you money on your heating bills all winter long.

We can do that by providing our heating service every fall or early winter. By going through all the working parts of your heating unit and making repairs or adjustments at that time, you're avoiding not only the higher costs of the heating bills but also the expensive repairs of a broken furnace in the middle of winter.

Why Choose Blue Mountain Plumbing?

Blue Mountain is an XCEL Energy Rebate Partner

Not only does Blue Mountain Plumbing provide XCEL rebates, but for qualifying high efficiency equipment replacements, we can get any current rebates.

Blue Mountain Plumbing is a family-owned business that has roots in Colorado going back over 100 years. We care about our surrounding communities and want nothing but the best for them when it comes to heating their homes. We hire only the very best technicians that are trained in a variety of furnace installations, repair, and services, so you get the help you need, no matter what system you have. We built our company from the ground up and strive to provide the best services possible for the most affordable prices.

We service Thornton, CO and the Denver metro area. This includes the communities of Westminster, Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Northglenn, and many more.

For furnace maintenance and repair, call us at (720) 839-4015. You can also schedule an appointment online if you prefer.